MTL YA FEST is the first young adult book festival in Montreal.


Founded in 2018, MTL YA FEST is hosted and run by the Norman Berman Children's Library, the youth space of Montreal's historic independent Jewish Public Library.


Our goal is to connect middle graders and teens with their favourite authors in a fun environment.

Our event includes keynotes, panel talks, discussions, games and any other ways in which we can connect readers to YA authors and content creators. 

current Committee

Teffer Adjemian, Babar Books, Anne Beamish, Cindy Bassel Brown, Kelly Bergevin, Tracey Blonder, Christopher Chaban, Chloe Chiasson, Zehava Cohn, Jessica Desormeaux, Raven Desroches, Jennifer Dion, Elise Dubois, Erica Fagen, Taylor Gammon, Arwen Low, Sarah Novak, Jennifer Solomon, Maria Ressina, Zoe Schipper, Susan Tepner Novak, Benjamin Wexler, Barbara Whiston

thank you to our dedicated former committee members & Volunteers

Dana Lohner, Janice Cohen, Laeticia Cuenca, Tim Sullivan, Annie Desjardins, Alissa Rosellini, Gabby Samra, Shazia Khan, Vicky Ouimet, Ivy Rabinovich


Librarians Talya Pardo & Nicole Beaudry

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