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Calling all future authors!


- Must be 10-18 years old

- Must target a YA audience

If you love to read and write, we would like to showcase your talent!


Short stories:

Submit an original piece, or fanfiction of your favourite book between 500 and 1500 words.


Submit a poem or song.

Fan Art:

Submit a piece of visual art, ideally related to any of our author's works but any YA fandom will do.

Book Trailers:

Submit a video of no longer than 2 minutes for one of our MTL YA Fest titles. 

If you are entering a film submission, you are restricted from using commercial music or branded t-shirts in the video.  

Book Review:

Write a review of a YA book.  Ideally one of our authors' works, but any book you feel strongly about is great. 


There will be ONE winner per category. 

We will be accepting entries until May 12th when a winner will be selected and announced on our website. 

Submit your writing to

Include your name, age, grade and school. 

By virtue of submission of your work, you give the MTL YA Fest the rights to broadcast and print your work. The rights remain free for the duration of the promotion.


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